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DDZ has been nominated for Croatian Designers Association’s Grand Prize 1516!


DDZ is the Grand Prize Winner of the Croatian Designers Society


36 Mountains Festival is coming to the HDLU


The very beginning of September in Zagreb is now reserved for illustration! This Friday, September 2nd at 19:00 in the Gallery Bačva of the Croatian Association of Artists (aka the Džamija), the opening of the second edition of 36 Mountains will be hosted as an international festival of illustrations with a local address, and will last until Sunday, September 4th.

The festival was initiated by artist and illustrator Jelena Bando, and it will present the audience with some of today’s most interesting illustrators, both Croatian and foreign.

The central Festival exhibition is inspired by the ancient landscape map of the renowned Japanese graphic artist, Katsushika Hokusai, 36 Views of Mount Fuji, after which the festival was named. In collaboration with Cerovski Print Boutique, a special drawing pad on 36 pages was produced and through competitions and open calls, selected artists filled the sketchbook with drawings in their own specific style, which visitors will be able to see during the exhibition. In addition, the festival has also launched the competition “Illustrate your Jägermeister story” with the image of a deer as the main character, whose laureates Klarxy, Dominik Vuković and Mladen Udovičić award-winning works will be presented on Saturday, September 3rd.

The exhibition brings together the following artists: Valentina Brostean, Daria Čičmir, Vanda Čižmek, Srdja Dragović, Mina Fina, Milica Golubović, Luka Juras, Iva Marija Jurić, Ivona Jurić, Tea Jurišić, Koivo, Aleksandra Kovačević, Ana Kovačić, Gabrijela Rukelj Krašković, Monika Lang, Anja Leko, Fran Makek, Ivan Marković, Monika Meglić, Ivan Mesaroš, Krunoslav Nemčić, Sarah Parsons, Klara Petrović, Ivana Rod, Tove Rogstad, Maja Rožman, Klara Rusan, Danica Sretenović,Tea Stražičić, Barbara Šolić, Ivan Tudek, Jelena Vasiljević, Lara Vdović, Kristina Volf, Marija Vuletić, Nick Alston, Chez, Davor Gromilović, Boris Hoppek, Jakob Feltsen, Dunja Janković, Tena Letica, Lunar, Nina Mršnik, Oko and Stuffed Collective.

During the festival, The Mountain – an installation by Ivan Lušičić LIIK, will be displayed in the Gallery Bačva, while on Saturday, from 19:30 onwards, conversations with artists such as Vedran Klemens, Tena Letica, Nina Mršnik, Jakob Felsten and OKO will be held.

36 Mountains Festival is sponsored by Jägermeister, adidas, Cerovski Print Boutique, Zagreb Brewery, Pevec, 404, Broj 42, 7/9, Swanky Mint Hostel and Grupa, and admission is free for all three days.

See you on the peaks of 36 mountains!



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