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DDZ announces the finalists of the Hacking IKEA competition


36 Mountains Festival is coming to the HDLU


DDZ has been nominated for Croatian Designers Association’s Grand Prize 1516!


The Selection Committee of the Exhibition of Croatian design 1516 ranked the festival Design District Zagreb among the three projects nominated for the Grand Prize of the Croatian Designers Association, while the winner will be decided by an international jury and announce it at the opening of the Exhibition on September 13th at the Museum of Arts and Crafts.

The Commission consisted of Iva BabajaAndrej FiletinMarko Golub, Silva KalčićGjuro KoraćMladen Orešić i Koraljka Vlajo, and pointed out that the award will be given to “a project or initiative that, with its quality, innovation, complexity, or clear and strong message of broad social recognition, significantly rebounded in comparison to the rest of the design and production, marking the Croatian design scene and its wider context in the last two years.”

Also nominated were the Croatian-Austrian design collective Numen/For Use (Sven JonkeChristoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković) with projects of their installations in public space; Tape, Net and Tube, and designers Sandro Dujmenović and Marko Hrastovec (SDDS) with the design of the typography Louvre Serif and Louvre Sans, exclusive to the new visual identity of the Parisian museum Louvre, under the creative direction of the French agency Dream on. The organizational and creative team of Design District Zagreb thanks the Croatian Designers Association for the nomination, and happily congratulates their nominated colleagues!

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DDZ 2017: Odabrani finalisti za Hacking IKEA natjecanje

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DDZ 2017: Ratkaj’s Passage is becoming Green Ratkaj!

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Produljen rok za prijave na Hacking IKEA

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