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Jelena Bando in Another, the right space


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As part of the programme of the closed Karas Gallery in the Prsten Gallery of the Croatian Association of Artists a new exhibition of painter and illustrator Jelena Bando will be opened on Wednesday October 5 at 19 pm. The exhibition is named Drugi ― pravi prostor (Another ― right space) and is directly inspired by her current living environment.

We are bringing highlights from the preface by Morana Matković: “Painting is a medium that offers numerous possibilities to artists, and one of them is the creation of a unified system of signs, i.e. a visual language shaped by the artist. This unique system of symbols, signs and forms which we can call the visual world of Jelena Bando, is both research and art-wise focused on Another. This relationship with the Another which is by contemporary theory defined as a concept that discusses the interaction of one person with another, but also as a problem of timely and spatially remote communication between cultures has become the main theme of her work.

However, with the Pravi prostor (Right space) cycle the artist created a certain semantic shift. Her own view of the Another she now approaches by replacing the imaginary landscape of her actual living space. In this subtle balancing on the verge of realistic and imaginary a new visual world has been created which this time doesn’t lack wondrous or realistic reference points such as human figure, plants and animals. So many times mentioned Another now found its safe place in the pleasant everyday life of the artist, in the interior of her apartment surrounded by the real motives of her life.”

Jelena Bando: iz ciklusa Drugi, pravi prostor II
Jelena Bando: iz ciklusa Drugi, pravi prostor II

Academic painter Jelena Bando graduated in 2012 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She has further studied and lived in Germany (Wurzburg, Berlin) and France (Paris). She has exhibited on twelve solo exhibitions in Croatia, Germany, Sweden and France, and on thirty group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. She has won two awards for drawing and graphics (SKC Gallery, Belgrade; 15th Biennial art, Belgrade). During 2013, she started the project 36 Mountains, which has grown into a renowned festival of illustrations.

Jelena Bando: Dodin san
Jelena Bando: Dodin san

The exhibition was organized with the financial support of the City Office for Education, Culture and Sports of the City of Zagreb and the Croatian Ministry of Culture, and can be seen from Wednesday to Friday (11 ― 19 h) and Saturday and Sunday (10 ― 18 h).



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