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Design dialogues #16: Goran Martin Štimac


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Night of Arsen in Martićeva


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Gallery 3.14 and Crni patuljak (Black dwarf) antique shop will organize an evening dedicated to the great poet, musician, singer, in a word artist ― Arsen Dedić, on Wednesday October 5 in their joint area in Martićeva 31A, on the occasion of the recent, ninth edition of his first collection of poems Brod u boci (Ship in a bottle), otherwise the best-selling in the history of Croatian publishing. The programme and gathering begin at 19:30.

The featuring exhibition will include a photographic triptych by author Ivan Posavec, a triple portrait of Arsen Dedić in a poetic manner and all nine editions of Brod u boci, from the first one in 1971, by the publishing house Croatia concert (edited by the poet Zvonimir Golob, and with cover design by Boris Dogan) to recent one from 2015 under the auspices of Rockmark from Zagreb. The “in between” editions were all published by Znanje, in renown libraries etc. (from the second to the fifth) and Evergrin (Evergreen), from sixth to eighth, and designed by Alfred Pal, while they were illustrated by visual artists and writers Josip Vaništa (2 – 5) and Momo Kapor (6 – 8).

Ivan Posavec: Arsen I
Ivan Posavec: Arsen I

Brod u boci has not been reprinted since the eighth edition in 1988, so the special value of the ninth edition lies in original Golob’s preface and a self-portrait of Arsen Dedić on the cover. To make this evening memorable for all Rade Serbedžija will recite verses from Arsen’s book, accompanied by musician Ivana Picek on guitar. In front of the Gallery 3:14 a small booth will be set up with books from the Crni patuljak’s foundation, from 17 to 20. You will certainly have a night to remember!

Ivan Posavec: Arsen III
Ivan Posavec: Arsen III


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