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Open call for participation in the festival program 2017


Festival Design District Zagreb 2017, which is being held from June 13th-18th is issuing an open call for participation in the program. It is intended for all interested designers, architects, artists and other creative people, regardless of age, professional status or nationality. The call is open for all natural and legal persons:  free authors and author groups, artist organizations, associations or companies.

The festival program is focused on interactions between the participants, the public and the built environment, that is, the public space, as well as the space with the potential to become public. Therefore, we are in a search of works and projects (concepts and realizations) which use methods and tools of design within the context of the development of urban spaces and which are appropriate for display and presentation in the exterior of the neighborhood, as well as in unused, abandoned interior spaces which will be open to the public during the period of the festival. In the latter we are referring to spaces which will temporarily be run by the festival: street windows, galleries, apartments, backyards, etc.

The submitted work should be characterized by inspirational and consistent concepts, motivational and contemporary aesthetics and clear and functional options for interaction with both the public and the space of exhibition. In general, all available media can be used (analog and digital), as long as it can be realized within the given conditions.

The applications are free and there is no participation fee, and if chosen, the applicants will bear the costs of the realization by themselves. The organizers will support their exhibition and participation in the program by securing the necessary infrastructure, which includes an appropriate exhibition space, electricity and internet, while everything else needed for the technical realization will be secured by the organizers as far as possible within their means. Applicants can expect on-site help from the festival volunteers as well as from production and technical crew, within a rational degree.

Since DDZ 2017 is oriented towards a very wide public, projects aimed at various age and social groups (e.g. children, adults, teenagers, pensioners, neighborhood locals, workers, tourists, etc.) are welcome. We are interested in innovative and critical contributions to the festival program, research and experimental works and communication projects which are appropriate for display in the environment of the festival and which will help bring the systemic “designer” way of thinking closer to the wider audience.

Projects which communicate the potential or problematic of urban development of a city, especially the neighborhood the festival is dealing with, will be able to be realized through exhibitions and presentations in public spaces in the neighborhood, such as streets and green surfaces, but also in private and unused spaces, such as unused business spaces or street store windows, backyards, apartments, balconies or terraces – all of which will be available for temporary use during the period of the festival.

Interested authors and author groups can apply exclusively by filling out the online application, and while there is no limit for the number of works each author or group can apply, each work has to have a separate application form.

The deadline for applications is April 30th 2017.

The Festival organizing team will choose projects for presentation in three rounds of judging:

1. Applications submitted till February 28th will be notified with the result on March 6th

2. Applications submitted till March 31st will be notified with the result on April 6th

3. Applications submitted till April 30th will be notified with the result on May 5th

It is recommended to send the application as early as possible, since the optimum facilities for the implementation of accepted projects will be arranged successively.

For more information, contact us at We like to communicate using any social network, but we prefer Facebook for questions.

We look forward to your applications! 🙂