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Call for participation in the Small Acts program 2017


The Small Acts (Mali Pomaci) program of Design District Zagreb continues this year. One of the base ideas behind DDZ is incentivizing and creating new content in a selected neighborhood – content that is creative and useful, permanent or temporary – which will directly improve the quality of life in the neighborhood, and, indirectly, in the rest of the city. The aim of Small Acts, within the domain of proposing interventions doable in public space, is to find designers, architects, artists, activists, and other experts and creatives who will improve that space using interactive and innovative objects, concepts, and scenarios. In short, we are looking for project proposals that develop the interactivity between the citizens and their urban environment, and revitalize unused or abandoned spaces in the neighborhood (interior or exterior), and also can make already existing quality content more visible.

To make your proposals more focused, the festival’s organization proposes four guidelines to brainstorming project proposals. Some of the priorities of Small Acts are, surely, defining the neuralgic points in the neighborhood, and recognizing the needs and wishes of the residents that can be fulfilled using design, architecture, art, and cultural activism, and the resources available to this project’s organization and participants. Suggestions for starting points are as follows:

a) Picking specific locations that should definitely be reimagined and reshaped, and the design of concepts or projects meant for these specific locations

b) Choosing a target group within the residents of the neighborhood that has recognizable and specific, yet unfulfilled needs (for example, pre-school and elementary school children, cyclists, retirees, the elderly and the disabled, various minority groups, etc.)

c) Devising a way to cooperate with the traditional public institutions and national or municipal firms in the neighborhood, which can commercially benefit from the methodology of this project

d) Thinking about existing scenarios in which the residents interact with the public space, which could be improved using selected methods and tools

The projects should be characterized by inspiring and consistent concepts, modern aesthetics, and clear, functional options to be interacted with.  All available media are allowed (whether analog or digital), but the realization of the selected projects must be possible within given parameters.


Formal draft of the invitation

The invitation is directed at any interested designers, architects, artists and other creators, regardless of age, professional status, or nationality. The invitation is open to natural and legal persons: freelance authors and groups of authors, artist associations, organizations and companies.

The only way to apply is via an online application form, each author or group of authors may apply for any number of projects, but each project requires a separate application. As part of application, a cost list is to be sent, made with cost-efficiency in mind.

It is desirable, but not obligatory, that the project ideas be created uniquely for this occasion – already used projects may be submitted, as long as they are adaptable to the specific context of Design District Zagreb. Selected projects will be presented in the public space of the neighborhood during the festival, with an added possibility of permanent implementation.

Project proposals may be in prototype and/or visualized-and-textualized description formats. A jury of experts will by May 2nd 2017 have selected a list of 10-15 projects, 3 of which will be financially supported, provided they are original concepts created for DDZ. The financial support will amount to 50% of the production costs (provided in a cost list), up to a maximum of 10,000 HRK, and the authors will commit themselves to create adequate exhibits (models, prototypes) no later than June 10th 2017. All the selected works will be presented to the public at an open-air exhibition as part of the DDZ festival (June 13th to 18th, 2017) and in the festival catalogue.

If any of the selected projects turn out to be impossible to produce before the deadline, due to financial or time limits, they may still be exhibited in form of a poster or a model (or another suitable form), but in that case lose our financial support.

All projects and prototypes made for the exhibition will remain the property of their authors throughout the festival. Any possibility of organizers wanting to use an author’s project in the future will be regularized through a copyright contract and adequate reimbursement.



February 20th – Call for projects

April 30th – Application deadline

May 5th – Announcement of selected projects

June 10th – Delivery of exhibition pieces

If necessary, contact us for additional information at We will happily communicate on any social network, but prefer Facebook for questions.

We look forward to your applications! 🙂