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An open invitation to apply with workshop ideas 2017


The workshop program is an important segment of the Design District Zagreb festival. Whereas the workshops of the festival’s first edition were organized by individually inviting experts and creatives or using the suitable suggestions received via the open invitation to participate, this time, the festival’s organizers are announcing an open invitation to apply with workshop ideas.

Since the program of the festival focuses on the interaction between the citizens and visitors of Zagreb (that is, the participants and the audience of the festival) and their immediate built environment and the public space (with the aim of improving this interaction in the long term, using designing methods and tools, architecture, fine arts and other creative disciplines), past workshops emphasized attaining new skills and knowledge, developing the cognitive ability to perceive and think about the urban space, exploring the wishes and needs of the inhabitants of „Martićeva zone“, etc., regardless of the participants age, or educational and social status.

Design District Zagreb 2017 will be taking place from 13th to 18th of June, and during its five-day-duration, there will be enough space to stage a number of workshops (lasting 1 or more days), and this space includes some of the unused and abandoned spaces in the neighborhood (temporarily activated for the duration of the festival) – courtyards, street bars, apartments, balconies and terraces – as well as open spaces – the street and green surfaces.

The invitation to apply with workshop ideas is directed at any interested designers, architects, artists and other creators, regardless of age, professional status, or nationality. The invitation is open to natural and legal persons: freelance authors and groups of authors, artist associations, organizations and companies. To facilitate coming up with ideas, potential applicants may take a look at what last year’s program had to offer at the following link:

Since DDZ 2017 speaks to a very wide public, we welcome workshops receptive to various age and social groups (e.g. children, adolescents and teenagers, retirees, neighborhood residents, workers, tourists, etc.) We are interested in innovative and critical contributions to the program of the festival, exploratory and experimental approaches, and communicative concepts suitable for being experienced in the context of the festival, which will help in the process of introducing systematic and critical thought to the wide public.

Interested applicants may apply with any number of workshop ideas, but each single application must be made exclusively by filling an online form. Workshop materials will be provided by the organizer – as part of application, a cost list is to be sent, made with cost-efficiency in mind.  

The deadline for applications is April 30th 2017.

The Festival organizing team will choose projects for presentation in three rounds of judging:

1. Applications submitted till February 28th will be notified with the result on March 6th

2. Applications submitted till March 31st will be notified with the result on April 6th

3. Applications submitted till April 30th will be notified with the result on May 5th

It is recommended to send the application as early as possible, since the optimum facilities for the implementation of accepted projects will be arranged successively.

If necessary, contact us for additional information at We will happily communicate on any social network, but prefer Facebook for questions.

We look forward to your applications! 🙂