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The Green Program: An open invitation to apply projects 2017


The Design District Zagreb Festival’s second edition introduces a new part of its basic framework – The Green Program! Last year’s festival included several workshops and projects dealing with ecology and sustainable development in the context of design, architecture, and urban activism. This year, the organizers decided to unite all the “green” content into its own segment. We wish to allow the potential participants the possibility to apply with their own projects and proposals to contribute to a quality, prudent, and functional resource management in Design District Zagreb.

Therefore we invite all the interested parties to apply for participation in the Green Program with project proposals that contribute to energy efficiency, the reduction and rationalization of consumption of various resources, the sustainability of economic and urban development, and that innovate in the areas of environmental protection and conservation of a healthy climate and ecosystem. We are looking for designs and/or services that affect their local and/or global environment in the least negative way.

During the selection process, the projects that can be realized economically, that is, with a low budget, and that satisfy the principles of sustainability at every step of design and realization, having a progressive effect on, for example, the reduction of water usage and waste production, the reduction of various types of pollution, the increase of recycling, reusing resources and extending their life cycles, and, generally, that protect the environment or increase the quality of life, will be prioritized.

In short, the aim of this invitation is to spread awareness about all aspects of everyday care for the natural and built environment and their proper maintenance, as well as to encourage the citizens to approach these aspects using green design methods and tools. Selected projects will be realized during the Design District Zagreb 2017 festival, from June 13th to 18th.

The invitation is directed at any interested designers, architects, artists and other creators, regardless of age, professional status, or nationality. The invitation is open to natural and legal persons: freelance authors and groups of authors, artist associations, organizations and companies.

There is no application or participation fee. Selected projects will be financed by the authors themselves. However, a cost list is required as part of the application form – 3 of the selected projects will be financially supported by the organizers, provided that they are original ideas that have not been realized anywhere before. The financial support will amount to 50% of the production costs (provided in the cost list), up to a maximum of 10,000 HRK. The organizers will support the exhibition and the participation of all selected projects by securing the required infrastructure – including an adequate exhibition space, electricity and internet – everything else needed for the technical realization of projects will be acquired within the limits and possibilities of the organizers. Applicants can expect on-site assistance from the festival’s volunteer workers, production and technical teams, within reasonable limits.

The only way to apply is via an online application form, each author or group of authors may apply for any number of projects, but each project requires a separate application.

The deadline for applications is April 30th 2017.

The Festival organizing team will choose projects for presentation in three rounds of judging:

1. Applications submitted till February 28th will be notified with the result on March 6th

2. Applications submitted till March 31st will be notified with the result on April 6th

3. Applications submitted till April 30th will be notified with the result on May 5th

It is recommended to send the application as early as possible, since the optimum facilities for the implementation of accepted projects will be arranged successively.

If necessary, contact us for additional information at We will happily communicate on any social network, but prefer Facebook for questions.

We are looking forward to your applications! 🙂