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Design Dialogues #22: Petra Milički


We continue to host interesting and talented women designers at our program Design Dialogues in February 2017 and this time our guest is Petra Milički, an author of the younger generation who skillfully handles various media, giving each her own distinctive signature.

She is best known for her freelance collaborations with participants of the independent cultural scene in Croatia and abroad, producing a series of visually and formally fresh, as well as socially valuable projects. Among Petra’s clients are film festivals Shorts on Speed, Review of Croatian Filmmaking, poetry festival 50 Poems for Snow, Virtual Museum Dotrščina, initiative 1postozagrad (1percentforthecity), Documenta ― Centre for Dealing with the Past, Goethe-Institut, BRID: Baza za radničku inicijativu i demokratizaciju (The Base for Workers’ Initiative and Democratization) and many others.

Ti si tako hladna (2015.)

Petra Milički earned her MA in Visual communication design in 2011 at the School of Design, Faculty of Architecture (University of Zagreb) and MA in Design of networked media at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam in 2013. Her self-initiated work usually deals with the interpretation of collectively produced founded materials and objects, as well as the construction of the media which encourage such production. Petra is currently dealing with the theme of culture and politics of memory in the new media environment, which resulted in her master thesis project Monuments of a Yugo-sized Global Village (2013) and its sequel Monuments of the Future, a collaboration with Anika Schwarzlose recently presented in Miroslav Kraljević Gallery in Zagreb (November 2016). Except as a freelance designer, Petra Milički works as a member of the organization team of the D Day festival, also in Zagreb.

50 Poems for Snow

We will discuss various issues which Petra deals with in her work, social positions of freelance designers, female and male alike, nomadic life of contemporary creative types, social and political engagement by design, and cultural activism, too. We will also touch upon her education, tools she mostly works with and the course of her career in general.

Plakat Za park Kajzericu

Design Dialogues are coordinated and hosted by designer and writer Bojan Krištofić, member of CDSS team. As a sales and exhibition space intended for products and concepts of domestic designers, CDSS initiates their gathering, networking and market promotion, while the audience gets a chance to meet the designers and get informed through casual and direct get-together. See you!

Photo of Petra Milički: Naqia Esufa Lee



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