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Is ‘Sgt. Pepper’ the single most important album in rock history?


Ljetno kino plays at Mojo bar at high noon


Wet Funghi are lulling the visitors of G-MK to sleep


The experimental music group Wet Funghi from Zagreb along with audiovisual artist Tin Dožić have been spending the past month in Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, preparing a sound performance that is meant to lull their loyal audience to sleep. Tin, Barbara Majnarić, Jurica Pačelat, Ivan Šaravanja, Vatroslav and Vedran Živković were participants of Open studios, the regular program of the curatorial team of G-MK  which provides an opportunity for young artists to turn the gallery into their own studio. Anyone who has recently visited Wet Funghi at their enjoyable rehearsals could be convinced that these guys and girl definitely have hypnotic powers. Everyone will be able to experience how their rounded-off final performance will sound on Saturday, February 27th. The performance will last from midnight until Sunday at 7 am, so bring your mats, sleeping bags, and of course – something to drink.




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Otvorene prijave za sudjelovanje u radionicama @DDZ2017

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Croatian National Bank Doors Open Days

Designed by the renowned Croatian architect Viktor Kovačić, the building of the Croatian National Bank was opened on 18 June 1927 to accommodate the Zagreb Stock and Commodity Exchange, the forerunner of the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

DDZ 2017: Odabrani finalisti za Hacking IKEA natjecanje

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DDZ 2017: Ratkaj’s Passage is becoming Green Ratkaj!

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