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Whether something interesting is happening outdoors at public or private locations or on the streets, in open space, here is the first place you'll find out. If you'd like to see your neighbourhood event published here, feel free to mail us:


/ 2016


Design Dialogues #20: Vanja Blumenšajn

The guest of the last Design Dialogues in 2017, 20th so far, is Vanja Blumenšajn, very creative director and co-founder of a small, but more and more present agency Señor.


Design Dialogues #19: Marko Golub

At 19th Design dialogues for the first time we will host someone who is not a designer by vocation, but whose work in the last couple of years has marked design in Croatia in so many ways — Marko Golub, curator and art critic, manager of HDD gallery in Zagreb, (co)organizer and initiator of many significant art and design projects, editor of TV and radio shows, former strip author and versatile man in general.


Pink hypnosis #17: Where are the people?

Pink Hypnosis is a discursive program held in Booksa and organized by Zagreb Pride association. The seventeenth issue will take place on November 16 at 8 PM and it’ll be centered around the questions of human potential in the context of non-government and civil rights associations in Croatia and the region.



Get a peek into the 33. Youth Salon’s Budget

The Youth Salon (33rd) is a biennial exhibition organized by the Croatian Association of Artists in Zagreb, representing the works of younger artists and new names, relatively focused on a particular topic.


Multilogue by Nina Gojić

The exhibition “Multilogue for Later” by Nina Gojić is currently on stage in Gallery Miroslav Kraljević (G-MK), as a part of the project “My Sweet Little Lamb (Everything We See Could Also Be Otherwise) and stays open until November 26.


What about the new Zagreb fountain?

Project Ars Publicae of the Association for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research is organizing a panel discussion New Zagreb Fountain at Croatian Designers Society, on Tuesday October 25 at 7 pm.


Design Dialogues #17: Lana Cavar

Seventeenth edition of Design Dialogues program will be marked by the visit from one of the most respected and productive Croatian designers, both in her homeland and abroad — Lane Cavar!


Chilean architecture at Oris

Two exhibitions of Chilean architecture will be opened on October 15th at 19 pm, at the Oris House of Architecture. While the first one generally presents its modern achievements, the second deals with the work of the architecture and art studio Pezo von Ellrichshausen.



Meetup with writer Makis Tsitas

Modern Greek writer Makis Tsitas, whose award-winning novel, God is My Witness has just been published in Croatian by OceanMore from Zagreb, will be Booksa’s guest on Thursday, October 13 at 7 pm.


Dijana Ćurković’s poetic performance

The young linguist, journalist and poet Dijana Ćurković will present her debut collection of poetry Verses of the Bottom on 12 October in Booksa, accompanied by illustrator Vuk Oreb and the book editor Ivana Glavaš Brklja.


Design dialogues #16: Goran Martin Štimac

This Thursday the 16th edition of Design Dialogues will host long awaited Goran Martin Štimac — accomplished art director, designer, copywriter and occasional curator, photograph and eloquent opinion maker on social media and other platforms.


Night of Arsen in Martićeva

Gallery 3.14 and Crni patuljak (Black dwarf) antique shop will organize an evening dedicated to the great poet, musician, singer, in a word artist ― Arsen Dedić, on Wednesday October 5 in their joint area in Martićeva 31A, on the occasion of the recent, ninth edition of his first collection of poems Brod u boci (Ship in a bottle), otherwise the best-selling in the history of Croatian publishing.


Jelena Bando in Another, the right space

As part of the programme of the closed Karas Gallery in the Prsten Gallery of the Croatian Association of Artists a new exhibition of painter and illustrator Jelena Bando will be opened on Wednesday October 5 at 19 pm.


Mali plac is coming to CDSS again!

This Saturday, October 1st, from 10 to 15 h, don’t miss the chance to get your healthy groceries and local farmer’s delicacies at Little Market (Mali Plac), hosted for the second time by the Croatian Design Superstore in Martićeva 4. 


Elephant and the Moon at Booksa’s Škrabica

Booksa’s popular programme dedicated to presenting local and regional musicians and songwriters at the beginning of their careers invites all to its first edition of the season (on Thursday, September 29th at 20:30 h), when the audience will enjoy young Peter Vranić aka Elephant and the Moon. 


Double Portrait of Andrija Škare and Rob Doyle

Under the support of one of the main publishing houses in Croatia, Zaprešić-based Frakture, this Tuesday, September 27th at 19 h, Rob Doyle, a young aspiring Irish writer, and his colleague Andrija Škare, equally interesting colleague from Zagreb, will visit Booksa.


Vladimir Milojković converses with Hert

Today, Friday, September 23rd at 19 h, young poet Vladimir Milojković from Subotica will visit literary club Booksa where he will present his new collection of signalistic poetry Conversations with Herth to the public.


Strip author Dušan Gačić is visiting Booksa

Reputable and versatile Croatian artist will visit literary club Booksa for the occasion of the popular Strip-tease forum by strip critic and publicist Matko Vladanović on Tuesday, September 20th at 19 h.


Books from Kassel at the Organ Vida festival

Part of the extremely rich program of this year’s Organ Vida Festival, the 8th international festival of photography, will take place in Oris House of Architecture from September 12th to 21st.


Design Dialogues #15: Goran Zmaić / DJ Labud

Summer is over, the festivals have passed, the fall is coming, who’s been to the beach — has been to the beach, who was partying hard — is now recovering! CDSS’s team is already working hard and this Thursday, it’s launching the second season of its popular Design Dialogues.


Maja Hodošček “Dreamers” at the G-MK

Slovenian artist Maja Hodošek’s exhibition Dreamers which deals with the social positions of high schoolers and the relationships that affect them, opens this Friday, September 2nd, at 20 h at the Gallery Miroslav Kraljević.


Promotion of new gastro guide: Eat Zagreb

On Thursday, July 7th at 19h the Croatian Design Superstore will present their latest project: a beautifully designed guide to the culinary scene of the city and its surrounding areas, intended for the growing number of tourist visitors in Zagreb, offering a new and better experience of the city.


Report from the Urbanistic Yard

On Monday, 4th of July at 6 PM in Croatian Design Superstore, the hosts of the Urbanistic Yard program held during the Design District Zagreb festival will present conclusions they came to after intensive three-day mapping of the neighbourhood.



DESIGN DIALOGUES #14: Koraljka Vlajo

In the fourteenth episode of Design Dialogues, we continue to go deeper and expand our thematic field. On this occasion, our guest is Koraljka Vlajo, well-known curator, designer and passionate researcher of heritage of local and regional design.


Logiq tower & Oblo tournament

Treat yourself and your children to a fun and creative Saturday morning! The Croatian Design Superstore is already well known as a place that offers diverse and quality Saturday hang-outs – from daily parties, to creative workshops for kids.


‘Urbanism’ by painter Nenad Vorih

Urbanism, a new solo exhibition by academic painter Nenad Vorih, opens at the Gallery Canvas on Thursday, May 12th at 20 h. The theme of the painter’s fresh series is the city, with all its complexity and surprising balance.


‘The Writer’s Diary’ by David Albahari at Booksa again

This week in Booksa, from May 10th to 13th, the third cycle of ‘The Writer’s Diaries’ will take place – discussions with writers led by David Albahari, one of the one of the most famous regional contemporary writers, who has been living in Calgary, Canada for years.


Beti Žerovc: ‘When Attitudes Become the Norm’

On Friday, May 6th at 19 h, at the Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, a talk will be held with Beti Žerovc, Slovenian art historian, theorist and curator, presenting her latest book: When Attitudes Become the Norm: contemporary curator and institutional art.


Design Dialogues #13: Igor Kuduz

And after Igor – Igor! After we welcomed Igor Manasteriotti at our last Dialogues, this time we will be chatting with Igor Kunduz, a distinctive graphic artist, photographer and designer, in one word – a visual artist, but primarily an unconventionally interesting person.


Workshop on Mediterranean and Basque cuisine

At Bella Forma, a shop that sells various kitchen utensils and cutlery, this Wednesday, May 4th from 18 h, they will hold a workshop with a focus on simple, cost-effective and nutritious (hot and cold) bites, based upon traditional Mediterranean and Basque cuisine.


Promotion of New Product: Baggizmo bags

This Thursday, April 28th from 18 to 21 h, the Croatian Design Superstore will celebrate the placement of a domestic product which has experienced worldwide success -the innovative and functional bag under the name of Baggizmo!


‘Ruincarnations’: lecture by Miloš Kosec

On Wednesday, April 27th at 20 h, Miloš Kosec will hold the fourth in a series of six lectures at Oris House of Architecture within the platform Future Architecture, under the name of Ruincarnations.


FRüHSTüCK at the Croatian Design Superstore

This Saturday, April 23rd, from 10 do 17 h, the Croatian Design Superstore will once again be the inevitable hotspot for breakfast and socializing, accompanied by superior music! The spring season of the popular breakfast program FRüHSTüCK, whose cheerful team is arriving to Martićeva 4 for the second time to play their gastro-musical tunes, has started once again!


Tenth anniversary of the Shadow Casters’ ‘Ex-position’

The Shadow Casters, a non-governmental artistic multimedia platform, celebrate the tenth anniversary of performing their project Ex-position. “Walking tenderness”, “He who can not see, must feel”, “Everything flows, everything repeats itself”, “Skill testimony and the banality of violence”, “Ghosts of the house of stories”, “Infinitely inspirational”, “A great artistic and deeply intimate experience “- are only some of the comments that numerous critics used to describ Ex-position. 


New place in the ‘hood: Sheriff & Cherry Pop Up Store!

On Wednesday, April 20th at 18 h, the renowned Croatian designer Mauro Massarotto and his team will transform their studio and Zagreb headquarters of the fashion brand Sheriff&Cherry into a permanent pop-up store in Račkoga street.


Vinyl Day at the terrace of Mojo Bar

Every third Saturday in April, the team from the popular Mojo bar celebrates the culture of vinyl records, marking the World Day of Vinyl stores. But, since they aren’t a store, this Saturday, April 16th, they decided to mark the Day of Vinyl by taking out their powerful Technics gramophones from the bar out into the street, allowing all those who want to bring their own records and play them while enjoying a glass of wine, beer or something even stronger.


FASHION CAFÉ #05 – Melina Marelja

After a series of successful guest events with local designers Andrea Bistričić and Maja Merlić (DIORALOP), Maja Miletić (MAMMII JEWELLERY), Marija Kulušić and Branka Donassy, ​​the Croatian Design Superstore invites all to its fifth edition of its program Fashion Café!



Creative Language Workshop: Pongetoys

The Croatian Design Superstore happily announces its second edition of creative language workshops for kids! At Martićeva 4, the second of three interactive language workshops for children between the ages of 5 and 10 will be held under the expert guidance of English professor Petra Gamilec.


Design Dialogues #12: Igor Manasteriotti

After our short Easter break, Design dialogues continue in their twelfth edition. The next guest at the Croatian Design Superstore will be Igor Manasteriotti, an experienced designer of visual communications,  award-winning art director of his own studio Manasteriotti DS, and renowned expert in the field of design identity and branding.


Life and Death: how close they are to each other

On Wednesday, March 30th at 19 h, a photo exhibition is opening at the Oris House of Architecture by Rašeljka Krnić: Life and Death – how close they are to each other, subtitled The people of Latin America.


Krnja književnost – Literature in the city

As part of Booksa’s continuing program Literary Boudoir, this Tuesday, the sub-program Krnja književnost (meaning truncated literature) will be devoted to interesting questions regarding the interweaving of literature and public space of the city.


Creative Language Workshop: Gloopy Shadow Puppets

The Croatian Design Superstore is continuing with a program of creative workshops for kids, and this time in English! At Martićeva 4, this Saturday on March 19th from 11 do 13 h, the first of three interactive language workshops will be held for children between the ages of 5 and 10 with the professional guidance of English professor Petra Gamilec.


Design Dialogues #11: Zoran Đukić

After a series of the first ten Design Dialogues, whose good attendance convinced us that the audience loves this program, we are happily continuing! The new guest at the Croatian Design Superstore will be Zoran Đukić, a renowned designer of the younger generation.


Dubravka Rakoci – ‘Outside of a Circle’

The exhibition ‘Outside of a Circle’ by Dubravka Rakoci, the renowned artist of the middle generation, is currently being showcased at the 3.14 Gallery in Martićeva street. The program of 3.14 is dedicated primarily to Croatian conceptual and neo-avant-garde art.


Short Friday at KKZ: documentaries about Trnje

Short Friday and Film Analysis are two interesting and very attended programs at the Cinema Club Zagreb (KKZ), dedicated to short and medium-length films, and their verbal analysis. Every Friday the programs exchange, and so on March 11th at 20 h Short Friday is on schedule.




‘Second Scene II’: presenting photographs of attendees

During the 2015/16 season, 11 photographers signed up for Booksa’s photography workshops ‘Second Scene II’. Five authors will be presented during the final night. Every one of them will have up to ten minutes to present their works that came to be during the workshops to the public.


Design Dialogues #10: Luka Borčić

Design Dialogues, the regular bi-monthly program held Thursdays at the Croatian Design Superstore, is continuing into 2016. The guest of the jubilee tenth dialogue will be Luka Borčić, a young designer of visual communications, workshop leader and assistant at the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb.



Presentation of the book ‘Critical cartography’ by Marko Golub

At Oris House of Architecture, on Tuesday March 1st at 19 h there will be a presentation of the book Critical cartography – texts on contemporary art and design by art critic and curator Marko Golub, published by the Croatian section of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and Durieux.


‘From Bookcover to Bookcover’ with Dario Rukavina in Booksa

Booksa’s current literary tribune From Cover to Cover, under the direction of literary critic and editor Dinko Kreho, will host the writer and former blogger Dario Rukavina (Zagreb, 1973),  for the occasion of the publishing of his new collection of stories As Fast as Bruce Lee.


Wet Funghi are lulling the visitors of G-MK to sleep

The experimental music group Wet Funghi from Zagreb along with audiovisual artist Tin Dožić have been spending the past month in Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, preparing a sound performance that is meant to lull their loyal audience to sleep.


Ljetno kino plays at Mojo bar at high noon

What better day is there than the last Saturday in February for the performance of a band such as Ljetno Kino? One of the most entertaining and dancy cover groups in the region is arriving to Martićeva precisely at noon, when the popular Mojo bar will fight off the winter spirits and throughout the city to spread good, warm vibrations.


Workshop ‘Earth Pot’ with ceramist Mami Kato at Owl atelier

Mami Kato (Tokaishi Aichiken, Japan, 1963), a prominent ceramic artist from the Far East, in collaboration with colleague Lidia Boševski, will hold a three-day workshop named “Earth Pot’ at her atelier Owl (Vlaška 81A) and outdoors at the workspace of Martina Franić (Petrova 1).




PULS*AR was established in December 2013, as a new initiative by principal architects with a collective wealth of experience built through their individual careers, each stretching back almost twenty years. Together, they encompass a wide range of varied concepts, designs, and built developments, winning them international recognition and a host of prestigious awards.

Program bar

The bar Program is located on the site of a former charming Divas bistro. Saša Žerajić, the ever-present and loved face of the bistro, who worked there since the opening, decided to create his own concept in the same place. 

Atelier Ane Barbić Katičić

Ana Barbić Katičić has been exhibiting independently and collectively in Croatia and abroad (France, Belgium, Israel) for 15 years (since graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb). So far she has exhibited 20 times independently, and is a member of Croatian Association of Artists and Croatian Freelance Artists Association.

Home of Printers’ Trade Union

The printmakers’ and publishers’ union is, with its 147 years of constant activity, the oldest union in Croatia and beyond, established as the Croatian Typographic Society.

Kreativni centar Ledana

Unutrašnjost bloka u Bauerovoj 19 jedan je od primjera dugogodišnjeg nastojanja za očuvanjem bivšeg industrijskog kompleksa tvornice leda kao prostora od javnog značaja, a protiv pokušaja njegove privatizacije.