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Atelier Ostrman




Miroslav Kraljević Gallery

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The Miroslav Kraljević Gallery fosters artistic and intellectual practices that critically question the present, especially relations between politics and aesthetics.

Although according to its address the gallery belongs to Šubićeva Street, it is entered from Martićeva Street, and located in the basement of the INA-Naftaplin company building. What is more, G-MK was established in 1986 as part of INA’s culture and art society, with the original purpose of representing works of artists-amateurs who work for the company, but also of established Yugoslav artists. The concept of the gallery’s programme was based on the idea that the workers also need to participate in the creation of culture, and not just in its consumption. In the meantime, G-MK redirected its focus to various aspects of contemporary art. Besides the exhibition programme, the curator team, together with various associates, organises a residential programme for artists from abroad, diverse workshops and lectures, and public calls for the production of the new art. The gallery also boasts a publishing programme and numerous minor online projects.

The long-time head of G-MK was art historian and curator Branko Franceschi, during whose term the gallery became one of the most significant exhibition spaces in Croatia, gaining a relevant international reputation. In 2004, he was succeeded by Antonia Majača, together with the gallery’s newly established expert council, and in 2012 the title of Gallery Head was taken over by Ana Kovačić, in cooperation with the curators Sanja Sekelj and Lea Vene. In their own words, the curator team is interested in “artistic and intellectual practices that analytically and critically question the present, especially relations between politics and aesthetics”.



Atelier Ostrman

One of the more interesting locations in Lopašićeva Street is the art studio of the painter Tomislav Ostrman, Atelier Ostrman, where he exhibits and sells his own pieces and those of his colleagues and friends, alongside organizing small social events in this attractive workshop.

Garderoba Concept Store

With the opening of Ana Ivančić’s Garderoba, Zagreb got its first conceptual showroom for Scandinavian fashion. Garderoba is a carefully thought-out project, a room whose elements have all been designed by brilliant Croatian designers and architects, thus also adding a Croatian brand to the offer.

Slatka priča

The Slatka Priča pastry shop was started in 2013, and is currently in three places – Kranjčevićeva Street, Ivana Brlić Mažuranić Street in Zagreb’s Malešnica neighborhood, and, of course, Martićeva Street (since 2016), more precisely at the busy corner of Martićeva and Smičiklasova.


Mikrofon is a music school started in 2009, located in the charming inner courtyard of 19 Martićeva Street. Its predecessor was the Vocal Studio Maraton vocal workshop from Rijeka, and the school has since then grown from offering single singing lessons to group singing and lessons for children, as well as instrumental music lessons.

Medveščak Library

The Medveščak Library, our neighborhood’s branch of Zagreb City Libraries, encompasses three departments – adult, children’s and youth (also known as “Idi pa Vidi”, or “Come and See”). Besides normal library duties, the library also engages in setting up various exhibitions in its windows, and workshops in the rooms of the youth and children’s departments.