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Vitić Skyscraper


Wellisch House


Ibler or Wooden Skyscraper

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The ‘Wooden Skyscraper’ stands out among other buildings in the neighbourhood with its vividness and vigour.

As one of the oldest skyscrapers in Zagreb, this residential and business building consists of a basic two-storey building and an eight-storey tower. It was built from 1956 to 1958 according to the design of renowned architect Drago Ibler, on a square that now bears his name. Much like the equally famed ‘Vitić Skyscraper’ in Laginjina Street, the facade of the ‘Wooden Skyscraper’ is adorned by numerous elements that gave it its nickname, primarily balcony railings and the wooden facade of the central line of the stairway. The building was originally intended for the company Autocentar and its workers, demonstrating the one-time importance of the automotive industry for both the Zagreb economy and this city quarter. In addition to its residents, today the ‘Wooden Skyscraper’ is home to several establishment of various profiles, for instance, a popular retail store on the ground floor.

Owing to its exceptional architectural value, the skyscraper was placed on the List of Protected Cultural Goods in 2004, but its comprehensive reconstruction began only about ten years later and is currently nearing its end. With its new/old look, fully in accord with its original appearance, the ‘Wooden Scyscraper’ stands out among the other buildings in the neighbourhood with its indisputable vividness and enduring inventiveness and vigour.



Atelier Ostrman

One of the more interesting locations in Lopašićeva Street is the art studio of the painter Tomislav Ostrman, Atelier Ostrman, where he exhibits and sells his own pieces and those of his colleagues and friends, alongside organizing small social events in this attractive workshop.

Garderoba Concept Store

With the opening of Ana Ivančić’s Garderoba, Zagreb got its first conceptual showroom for Scandinavian fashion. Garderoba is a carefully thought-out project, a room whose elements have all been designed by brilliant Croatian designers and architects, thus also adding a Croatian brand to the offer.

Slatka priča

The Slatka Priča pastry shop was started in 2013, and is currently in three places – Kranjčevićeva Street, Ivana Brlić Mažuranić Street in Zagreb’s Malešnica neighborhood, and, of course, Martićeva Street (since 2016), more precisely at the busy corner of Martićeva and Smičiklasova.


Mikrofon is a music school started in 2009, located in the charming inner courtyard of 19 Martićeva Street. Its predecessor was the Vocal Studio Maraton vocal workshop from Rijeka, and the school has since then grown from offering single singing lessons to group singing and lessons for children, as well as instrumental music lessons.

Medveščak Library

The Medveščak Library, our neighborhood’s branch of Zagreb City Libraries, encompasses three departments – adult, children’s and youth (also known as “Idi pa Vidi”, or “Come and See”). Besides normal library duties, the library also engages in setting up various exhibitions in its windows, and workshops in the rooms of the youth and children’s departments.