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Picture of Sound in the City


16-19/6 12:00 - 20:00

Location: Vlaška 87

Curator of the project: Evelina Turković
Curators of the exhibition: Evelina Turković i Marijana Stanić
Organizers: Drama Production Department HRT, 90-60-90 / Platform for Contemporary Art, Design District Zagreb
Technical cooperation: Vedran Grladinović, Luka Rojc, Tomislav Šamec, Radio Technology HRT, Scenography Department HRT
Design: Tomislav Turković
Print: PrinterajXL j.d.o.o.
Supported by: City Office for Education, Culture and Sports, City Office for the Strategic Planning and Development of the City
Thank you: WHW Curatorial Collective, Zagrebački Dance Center, Bojan Gagić, Design District Zagreb volunteers

Picture of the Sound is a unique radio show in Croatian media space. Since 2009 contemporary visual artists under the editorial leadership of the curator Evelina Turković have been creating original work in the medium of sound, intended for radio broadcast. Picture of the Sound functions as a space of exhibition and production on air, giving this growing branch of contemporary art continuous media visibility. Several gallery exhibition-projects were realized as well, and as part of the Design District Zagreb festival, audio exhibits made by various artists fill a space which is not primarily exhibitional. Visitors to the exhibition can experience exhibits while freely exploring the labyrinth of rooms of the entire building and discover by themselves, by following signs placed around, the rooms in which a unique audio experience awaits them.