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Booksa Audio Club: LP ‘Kids, c’mon!’ by KinoKlub (Club Cinema)


18/06/2017, 18:00 - 19:00

Location: Park fra Grge Martića

Organizers: Booksa & Udruga Kulturtreger
Moderators: Matej Ivušić & Leonard Jurić

In the words of Ante Perković, the man that started this program, music doesn’t sound the same when you’re alone and when you have company: the way others hear and listen affects you too. Someone’s joy might pick you up, and someone’s refusal might close you up. It’s a formula with many happy variables. So, come join this program, where we listen to music collectively, comment on what we hear, criticize it, and praise it.

The discussion will be headed by Matej Ivušić and Leonard Jurić. It’s fun, come and join!