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15/06/2017, 15:00 - 20:00

Location: Tomašićeva 6

Organization: Designathon Works & Dizajn centar Zagreb
Program sponsor: Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands
Program partner: Designathon Works, Amsterdam
Mentors: Ina Čonkić, Anna Sallaerts, Kristina Skaler, Morana Pap & Roberto Vdović

Designathon is a method for learning and creating that combines the approaches of design thinking and the makers’ movement, with an emphasis on learning through practice. Designathon especially modifies design thinking for children, focusing on developing thinking processes in the context of education, and all the subjects they tackle are based on modern problems and challenges. This methodology was founded by Designathon Works from Netherlands, and its Croatian partner is the Design Center Zagreb organization. The workshop is led by designers or expert pedagogues, and it teaches children to design and use technology like the mini-rotor or sensors. The subject of the workshop is solving problems of the cities of the future, with an emphasis on living space, transport, and playgrounds.

Ina Conkić is a designer, partner, and research and development director in Designathon Works, and Anna Sallaerts is a designer in the same foundation. Kristina Skaler is a teacher of machining classes in the Faust Vrančić School of Mechanics and Engineering, consultant and Methodist for the technical area, leader of the creative, fast reading, and efficient learning workshops. Morana Pap is an assistant to the manager of FabLab, Roberto Vdović. They’re both members of the FabLab.