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Design Dialogues #26: Musically Composed Design


13/06/2017, 18:00 - 19:00

Location: Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Šubićeva 29

Organization: DCZ

Design and music are natural companions ever since people started producing records and other musical media that required packaging, and music went from being a mere pastime to a highly profitable international business.

Whether that’s good or bad – it’s happening (in the words of Goran Bare), and even though not many Croatians have a lot of money, they have spirit, so the music scene has lately been flourishing and branching out using the ‘do-it-yourself’ principle. Many designers design for musicians, many musicians also work as designers, and many designers make music. This incestuous environment has lately produced numerous great examples of ‘musical’ design, so we will talk to three prominent designers and design groups who are no strangers to plucking some guitars, turntables and synths. See you there!

GUESTS: Marijo Franić, Andro Giunio and NJI3 (Tessa Bachrach Krištofić, Dina Milovčić and Franka Tretinjak)

MODERATOR: Bojan Krištofić