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Ferić’s People Read


15/06/2017, 19:00 - 20:00

Location: Park fra Grge Martića

Organizers: Books & Udruga Kulturtreger

In January this year, the attendants of Booksa’s creative writing workshop gathered for the first time, met their mentor Zoran Ferić, and set to writing. Some attended regularly, some less so, inspiration was sometimes abundant, sometimes scarce. Each other’s written and unwritten works were commented on, there was supporting, and there was complaining. What did it all result in? Come and hear the highly polished stories by this industrious and talented bunch!

PARTICIPANTS: Andrea Ćorić, Bojan Krištofić, Oliver Linzbauer, Igor Marić, Ivana Mićin, Goran Paladin, Ivana Pintarić, Anita Rosandić, Sandra Vlašić and Zoran Ferić.