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Škrabica: Concert in the Memory of Ante Perković


15/06/2017, 21:00 - 22:00

Location: Park fra Grge Martića

Organizers: Books & Udruga Kulturtreger
Performance: Nina Romić, Luka Belani & U pol' 9 kod Sabe

Škrabica (Piggy Bank) is Booksa’s three year old music program. It was devised and started by Booksa’s friend, associate, and neighbor Ante Perković.

He was soon joined by Nina Romić and Luka Belani, and when this trio set themselves to work on other projects, they were first replaced by Adam Semijalac (Bebe Na Vole), whereas Škrabica today is managed and led by Andrija Škare. Nina Romić and Luka Belani will be performing at this concert, and will be joined by U pol’ 9 kod Sabe, a band that Ante joined with great joy by the end of last year, but, unfortunately, they didn’t have a chance to play on more than one concert together.

Everyone is invited!