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Ungoverning Dance: Contemporary European Theatre and the Commons


16/06/2017, 17:00 - 18:00

Location: Park fra Grge Martića

Organizers: Booksa & Udruga Kulturtreger

Life, politics, responsibility, common good, rule, open… All of these are the keywords of the new book by Ramsay Burt, a British dance historian and theoretician and a teacher of dance history at the British De Montfort University.
The strangely named ‘Ungoverning Dance’ is a book dedicated to the deep level of intertwining of social and aesthetic conventions and formations. By carefully analyzing key progressive authors of modern dance since the mid 90’s to today, Ramsay Burt indicates the social and political potentials of deconstructing the aesthetic and artistic norms that question the relations of power by suggesting the possibility of a renewed balance of the social and the political. The presentation is part of the ‘Okret (Turnaround)’ symposium being organized on June 16th and 17th by the BADco. theatre collective and the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.

The discussion will be in English, without translation.

PARTICIPANTS: Ramsay Burt, Una Bauer, Dina Ekštajn, Aleksandra Mišić, Lovorka Puk-Tomić and Iva Višak.