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Unused spaces


In Martićeva and neighbouring streets there are many deserted storing places and outlets. Those places had previously been used as shops for the automobile industry. Also, there are many uncared-for yards surrounding apartment buildings, empty garages, warehouses and similar facilities. In the course of transition from socialism to capitalism, the automotive industry has vacated the city centre leaving behind a lot of empty space that have been filled up over the past decade. Many of those spaces are owned by the city and some have been rented out to various businesses. During the previous year, some of these spaces came to life once again by the accommodation of business and/or catering content (you can check this out via Locations section), some were deserted and some remained unused as they have been. It’s a continuous dynamic which causes problems in the urban structure of the neighborhood, but also provokes challenges and offers new possibilities.

Izlog doma zdravlja u Martićevoj ulici (foto: Marija Gašparović)

But what would happen if those spaces would be used for culture or creative industries at least on a temporary basis? Hypothetically, not only would the neighborhood benefit from new significance, but the permanent production would get an additional impetus. We are advocating a gradual agitation which would propel such development. Contact us with your own ideas by answering the calls for participation in DDZ 2017 festival’s program, but apart from the specific competitions, too, in any time of the year.


Lopašićeva 5 (foto: M.G.)
Martićeva 41 (foto: M.G.)



With a pleasantly atypical name for a marketing agency, Señor has set itself apart thanks to its fresh image and personal approach to its clients from the very beginning.


The B!RO Architects’ Collective represents the joint activity of young architects Saša Košuta, Mario Kralj, and Dora Lončarić. Having grouped up together during college, at first they worked on realising scenography in collaboration with the Academy of Dramatic Art and the Zagreb Dance Centre.

Vivat Fina vina

Vivat fine wine shop is an obligatory place to visit in the neighbourhood for all those who appreciate wine. Life is indeed too short to drink bad wines, as Vivat’s slogan goes.


Antique store with a charming image of typical old shop gathers a wide spectrum of products and an­tiques.

Culture Factory

Tvornica kulture (Culture Factory) is one of the oldest and largest concert and club venues in Zagreb dedicated to rock and pop music. It hosted, more or less, all known acts of the domestic and regional music scene, with appearances by a series of foreign performers.