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Design District Zagreb 2018: Call for Participation


Open Call for Participation in the Festival Programme


Design District Zagreb 2018 Festival, this year taking place from 14 to 17 June, announces the open call for participation in the programme. The call is intended for all interested designers, architects, artists and other creative professionals, independently of their age, professional status or country of origin. The call is open to all physical and legal persons, i.e. independent artists and groups of artists, artistic organisations, associations and companies.  

The Festival programme focuses on the interaction between participants and the audience and their environment or the public space, as well as the space that has the potential to become one. In that context, we are looking for works and projects (concepts and realized projects) using design methods and tools in the context of urban centre development and, as such, are suitable for exhibiting and presenting in the district’s exteriors as well as unused and uncared-for interiors that will open their doors to the public during the Festival. The Festival will temporarily use interiors such as display windows, galleries, apartments, yards and similar.

The works to be applied have to be characterised by inspirational and consistent concepts, motivating and contemporary aesthetics and clear and functional options for interaction with the audience and the space where they will be presented. In principle, various media will be taken into consideration (analogue and digital) taking into account that they have to be realised in the given conditions.

All applications are free of charge and no registration fees are required. If a particular project gets selected, the applicant needs to bear the costs of project realisation. The organisers shall support the presentation and participation in the programme by providing all necessary infrastructure, including adequate display space, power outlets and the Internet. The organiser shall provide everything else required for the technical realisation in line with the organisational capacities.  The applicants shall also get on-site assistance provided by festival volunteers and the production and technical crew to the greatest extent reasonably possible.

Having in mind that the DDF 2018 wishes to communicate with the broadest public, we welcome projects intended for various age and social groups (e.g. children, adolescents, teenagers, retired persons, residents of the district employees ,tourists, etc.). We are interested in innovative and critical contributions to the festival programme, research and experimental projects as well as communication projects suitable for the Festival environment and contributing to bringing systematic “design-oriented” way of thinking closer to a wide public.

Projects communicating potentials or issues linked to urban development of the city, i.e. the district on which the Festival mainly focuses, will get the opportunity to be presented and exhibited both at the district’s the public areas, such as streets or green zones, and private but unused spaces, such as shut down sites, shop windows, yards, apartments, balconies or terraces that will be made available for temporary use during the Festival days.   

All interested parties may apply to the call for participation by filling an on-line application form and every individual or group can apply with an unlimited number of projects. However, each project has to be entered into the system individually.

It is recommended to apply as soon as possible having in mind that optimal project premises and venues are being arranged successively.

The Festival’s organisation team shall provide feedback to all applicants within five working days starting from the date of application and the results shall be published on the Festival’s website.



4 April 2018  Publication of the Call

4 May 2018  Deadline for project application

8 May 2018 Official announcement of the results

10 June 2018. Delivery of projects and works to be exhibited


If you require additional information, please send an e-mail to We are also very happy to communicate via all social networks but we prefer Facebook if you happen to have any questions. We are looking forward to your applications!