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Local Pathways


The main topic of the 2018 Festival and the central exhibition at the former Old Military Hospital


Local Pathways is the name of the central programme of this year’s Design District Zagreb Festival comprising exhibitions, lectures and performances intending to provide visibility to various initiatives which recognize the idea and potential of strengthening the local community with the use of design tools and methods.

The programme titled Local Pathways wishes to affirm recent quality projects (that emerged after 2010), which treat local topics and phenomena in a specific way, no matter whether such initiatives have already been realized as projects, are still being developed or will become positive future scenarios. We are equally interested in multidisciplinary scenarios/research projects and ad hoc improvisations and experiments as well as concepts that are not large in terms of volume and coverage but potentially with long-term effects and the methodology that is broadly applicable and inspirational.

Local Pathways intends to involve research and discursive projects falling under the (elastic) category of social and community design, architecture, urbanism, social innovations, non-profit initiatives (including the ones coming from the profit sector), human rights initiatives, cultural and art practices tackling local phenomena and the reflection thereof, audio-visual and other art performances looking into the phenomenon of (public) space.

Through a number of exhibitions, lectures, performances, workshops, round tables and presentations, confrontations and readings, Local Pathways will have the task to establish better communication both between exhibitors and participants and a wide public that so far has not had an opportunity to explore specific media and topics.  

The inclusivity of the programme is manifested in the provision of support not only to the micro-local Zagreb scene but also in the incentives provided for the broader regional production. At the same time, the programme insists on the international regional collaboration and attempts to correlate the future collaborative platform with a host of various agendas.

The programme shall take place at the premises of the abandoned military hospital at Vlaška Street offering open, covered and closes premises as well the space where drinks and food will be served. Performances will take place in the afternoons and evenings while exhibitions and presentations will take place during the day.

Official initiatives, such as the independent scene, and unofficial ones coming from individuals, activists, groups ad others are invited to apply to the call for participation. Projects will be ranked according to the quality of implementation of the proposed project in the local community, i.e. the visible results for its improvement.



Formal requirements

The call is intended for all interested designers, architects, artists and other creative professionals, independently of their age, professional status or country of origin. The call is open to all physical and natural persons, i.e. independent artists and groups of artists, artistic organisations, associations and companies.  

All interested parties may apply to the call for participation by filling an on-line application form and every individual or group can apply with an unlimited number of projects. However, each project has to be entered into the system individually.

It is recommended to apply as soon as possible having in mind that optimal project premises and venues are being arranged successively.

The Festival’s organisation team shall provide feedback to all applicants within five working days starting from the date of application and the results shall be published on the Festival’s website.

Preferable projects are the projects designed solely for the purpose of this call or existing projects presented in a new way, i.e. adapted to spatial requirements and the specific context.

All the selected projects shall be presented at the premises of the Old Military Hospital at Vlaška Street.

Projects may be presented in any way that the author(s) find suitable for the occasion (posters, projections, spatial installations, presentations, discussions, lectures …).



4 April 2018  Publication of the Call

4 May 2018  Deadline for project application

8 May 2018 Official announcement of the results

10 June 2018. Delivery of projects and works to be exhibited


If you require additional information, please send an e-mail to We are also very happy to communicate via all social networks but we prefer Facebook if you happen to have any questions. We are looking forward to your applications!