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Photography Exhibition ‘Italian Portraits’ by Maria Mulas at Oris


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‘Architecture After the Future’: lecture by Ana Jeinić


On Thursday, March 10th at 19 h at the Oris House of Architecture, the architect, scientist and researcher Ana Jeinić will hold a lecture on the subject of architecture after the future. The lecture by Ana Jeinić is the second of the six lectures that are being held as part of the newly established European platform Future Architecture.

“According to theorists of society such as Marc Augé or Franco Berardi Biff, we live in an age characterized by the collapse of the idea of the future: in the last decades of the 20th century, with the permanent return of the economic crisis and discouraging reports of the Roman club and the seemingly definitive collapse of the social project, our faith in the future is irretrievably destroyed. Taking that into account, in the conventional sense, architectural design has always been a project of the future, and the situation leaves serious consequences for architecture as a discipline. For this reason, before we go to speculate on future architecture, we should ask ourselves about the ways architecture will adapt to post-futuristic state of culture. Has this process even began? The lecture Architecture After the Future is an attempt to deal with this problem.”

Ana Jeinić is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Theory of Architecture, Art History and Cultural Studies in Graz, where she also taught from 2010 to 2015. She studied architecture and philosophy in Graz and in the context of her study program, she guest lectured at the IUAV University of Venice and at the Technical University of Delft. In 2014, she was guest lecturer and researcher at the University of Edinburgh. She is one of the publishers and co-authors of the book Is There (Anti) Neoliberal Architecture?, and regularly publishes articles in GAM – Graz Architecture Magazine. Jeinić is currently researching the relationship between architectural concepts and political strategies in the era of neo-liberalism.

The project manager of Oris House of Architecture is architect and curator Ana Dana Beroš, with collaborator Divna Antičević. Entrance to the lecture is free.

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