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Design Dialogues #15: Goran Zmaić / DJ Labud


Wednesday in the physical and virtual space of Booksa


Books from Kassel at the Organ Vida festival


Part of the extremely rich program of this year’s Organ Vida Festival, the 8th international festival of photography, will take place in Oris House of Architecture from September 12th to 21st. This great exhibition of unpublished photography books, which will visit other European cities after Zagreb, is making its way here from the Fotobookfestival in Kassel.

shortlisted book titel1

Each year, Kassel’s renowned Fotobookfestival, a peer of Zagreb’s Organ Vida, invites all photographers to send in their new projects in the form of yet unpublished photo books to exhibit them before a large international audience and prominent experts. Oris House of Architecture will expose as many as 52 books that have been declared the best among un-published in 2016. Since books are one of the most popular media in the world of photography, as well as one of the most rewarding for authors themselves, all of the opportunities waiting at the exhibition are not to be missed.

shortlisted book titel2

The rest of the Festival’s program is equally intriguing, and is spread over 17 locations in the city with 10 exhibitions, a series of talks about photography, promotions, film screenings and parties. For example, the central exhibition called Discovering, realized through an open call for participants, is where works of 10 finalists from all around the world will be presented (in the French Pavilion of the Student Center from September 13th to 23rd), as well as the exhibition of regional war photography Lessons from ’91, under the curatorial lead of Sandra Vitaljić, which will bring together works of authors from Slovenia, Croatian, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, as well as representatives of the international scene who came mainly as war reporters on the territory of former Yugoslavia. The exhibition will be held at Gallery Zvonimir from September 14th to 24th. The festival lasts from the 13th to 23rd of September, therefore we urge you to check out its busy schedule and find something for yourself — there is plenty to see!




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