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‘Architecture on film’ cycle at the Cinema Club Zagreb


Photography Exhibition ‘Italian Portraits’ by Maria Mulas at Oris


‘Second Scene II’: presenting photographs of attendees


During the 2015/16 season, 11 photographers signed up for Booksa’s photography workshops ‘Second Scene II’. Five authors will be presented during the final night. Every one of them will have up to ten minutes to present their works that came to be during the workshops to the public.

In her works, Kristina Đakulović portrays walking, but indirectly, with the city of Rijeka. By shifting the perspective she creates an interesting visual composition in which she communicated the anxiety of the most rainy city on the Adriatic, all while preserving its certain peace and beauty. Robert Knežević started his series by questioning objects that were once in function, such as an abandoned apartment or a closed-down hotel, and in the end he dedicated himself to the spaces of the Zagreb Fair (Zagrebački Velesajam), bringing us photographic landscapes of what we have not yet had the chance to see. Marija Stupar began to deal with the ruined-down wall in Branimirova Street, only to change her point of interest to the ever-popular issue of Zagreb’s industrial heritage later on.

Katarina Zlatec presents two of her works. In her first piece, she deals with the topic of her community of roommates and the uncertainty of life in rented space. In her second work she deals with gas stations around the town of Đurđevac, plants that, apart from providing jobs to people in this area, have represented a danger to people and the environment from the very beginning. Tomislav Žmara presents his two series of works. In his first series, he shows us landscapes of Zagreb by night, the empty city which turns into the urban scenery, while in his second work he turns his scanner into the camera, photographing different objects. The leader of the ‘Second Scene II’ workshop is photographer and journalist Davor Konjikušić. Everyone is invited!




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