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‘Second Scene II’: presenting photographs of attendees


‘Architecture After the Future’: lecture by Ana Jeinić


Photography Exhibition ‘Italian Portraits’ by Maria Mulas at Oris


The exhibition of the Italian photographer Maria Mulas, naturally named Italian portraits, opens at Oris House of Architecture on Tuesday, March 8th at 19 h, and will be open until March 16th. Entrance is free for all visitors. After the exhibition closes at Oris, it will be set up at the Italian Cultural Institute.

We highlight a fraction of the accompanying text by Martina Corgnati, curator of the exhibition: “Maria Mulas has placed her portraits in space between poses and spontaneity, randomness and set scene. Popular subjects of her photos have always been artists, critics, architects and designers, but she has also portrayed writers and publishers, actors and actresses, journalists and intellectuals, those who have, for one reason or another stayed in Milan, or at least passed through it, leaving a mark in its cultural history. Mulas prefers, although not exclusively, black and white, and ‘classic’ busts. Sometimes, however, photographs allow some effect such as fragments of landscape, place, time or situation, not with the identity of the displayed subject remaining recognizable. (…)

The photographs from exhibition in Zagreb were created during a period of over thirty years. It’s a time during which various meetings between Mulas and her models have unfolded, behind which one can read the fashion and social context of the time.”



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