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Dubravka Rakoci – ‘Outside of a Circle’


The exhibition ‘Outside of a Circle’ by Dubravka Rakoci, the renowned artist of the middle generation, is currently being showcased at the 3.14 Gallery in Martićeva street. The program of 3.14 is dedicated primarily to Croatian conceptual and neo-avant-garde art. This time, Rakoci has presented the public with a conceptual intervention through photography of public space. The photograph by Milan Pavić which portrays the Victims of Fascism Square from birds-eye view, or more precisely the octagon and fountain in front of the Meštrović pavilion (HDLU), is where the artist placed a red circle of powerful symbolism instead of the fountain.

The exhibition doesn’t have a classic preface, instead, the artist Goran Trbuljak  accompanied his colleague with a poem in free verse called ‘Open-Air Exhibition’, from which we highlight the final lines:

“Surely, the realized sketches of the coloured circles
laid horizontally
in city surroundings will once again act solely
through the power of colour and form,
not aided by narration.
And this will be provided by
Dr. akoci alias Circle.”

Dubravka Rakoci was born in Zagreb in 1955. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Her poetics of minimalism and ambient articulation with clean-colored circular forms are a characteristic of analytical painting that was popular from the sixties to the early eighties. These elementary creative methods suggest an unsymbolic vision of painting. When she takes her works out of gallery space and to urban exteriors, she imposes views and cities. The artist performed such interventions on the facades and bell tower in Umag in 1994, on the Venetian tower in Split in 1997, and in Győr in Hungary in 2000.

The exhibition is open until April 17th.



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