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Workshop ‘Earth Pot’ with ceramist Mami Kato at Owl atelier


Mami Kato (Tokaishi Aichiken, Japan, 1963), a prominent ceramic artist from the Far East, in collaboration with colleague Lidia Boševski, will hold a three-day workshop named “Earth Pot’ at her atelier Owl (Vlaška 81A) and outdoors at the workspace of Martina Franić (Petrova 1). The workshop will take place from Thursday, March 4th, until Saturday, March 6th. The participants will have the opportunity to learn authentic local pottery techniques and create their own pieces of pottery and other items from the Japanese guest for three days .

Mami Kato 01

Mami Kato studied English and American literature at the University of Kyoto (1980 – 1983) and various ceramic techniques at the Art Institute of Ceramics in Tokonami (1984 – 1986). Her works have been exhibited in group exhibitions around the world, while her independent exhibitions have been held mostly in Japan. ‘Earth Pot’ is her first workshop in Zagreb, which she has already held in Japan, France and Spain.

Mami Kato 02

One part of the workshop will take place in the exterior, on the ground, where the participants will dig holes into the ground for the prepared objects from clay. Items will continue to spontaneously form in the earth, so that the soil becomes a tool that cannot be controlled, and the ceramists guided by intuition will decide when to end the process. The different ways the soil will affect the object can be seen only after drying or baking.

Owl atelier & gallery

The fourteen attendees accepted to the workshop will first listen to a lecture on Japanese ceramic tradition, to adopt the theoretical traditions of Earth Pot techniques and prepare the clay. The second day includes work outdoors and design of the objects, and the third taking the work out of the ground, additional processing and creating tools for work with ceramics.

The workshop is organized by the association Terakota with the support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the donations of American Express and the company Bosio Zagreb ltd.



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