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Strip author Dušan Gačić is visiting Booksa


Reputable and versatile Croatian artist will visit literary club Booksa for the occasion of the popular Strip-tease forum by strip critic and publicist Matko Vladanović on Tuesday, September 20th at 19 h.

As part of Booksa’s permanent programme Literary boudoir, Matko Vladanović regularly leads the forum Strip-tease, Zagreb’s only continuous public content dedicated to the ninth art, hosting primarily top local artists and authors.

Wall strip #4
Wall strip #4

Dušan Gačić (Zagreb, 1958) is one of the most prominent local artists of comics and visual art of the middle generation. He graduated in 1981 at the Pedagogical Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Affirmed during the eighties as a member of an informal group of regional authors gathered around student press (Studentski list, Polet, Vidici…) and comic-zines in the making (Duck, etc.), he was close to the neo-avant-garde tendencies in visual, constructional and film art. He became well-known for the comic series DnevnikGrad u mraku and Kuća paukova, which took narrative experiments of the New Square to new layered and complex narrative forms, bringing in content closely related to the author’s immediate environment (Novi Zagreb, Trešnjevka…) and becoming the authentic artistic document of a time and space.

Dnevnik, 1988.
Dnevnik, 1988.

Gačić has published in all relevant Croatian comic-journals and magazines, and was a longtime associate of children magazine Modra Lasta, for which he was working on a comic book series Poetry in Strip – short adaptations of peoms (mostly) by local poets. In the nineties he started his own comic-zine, magazine, and internet portal Flit (still ongoing), while in the early 2000’s he was co-founder of the substantial comic group Wild eye, which, with the group Emission, emotion and collective Komikaze started opening new ways to languages of expression at that time, but also ways of networking within the regional comic scene. Gačić deals with animated and experimental film, illustration, graphics, sculptures and installations, as well as many other branches of fine arts. He is known for cartoons and animated adaptations of novels and plays by Miroslav Krleža (comics Banket u Blitvi and Cristobal Colon, as well as an animated variant of the latter). He is one of the most interesting authors in Croatia who rarely performs in public –all the more reason to come to Booksa!



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