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The spring festival Design District Zagreb is imagined as a gathering of street events and presentations of projects through which the inhabitants, cultural and creative class of the ‘Martićeva zone’ familiarize visitors with their new products and concepts — all while having a good time.

During the festival, the neighbourhood becomes filled with interesting design and art works, impressive installations on public spaces, fresh new concepts, scenarios, beneficial interventions for the further improvement of quality of life in the area, and much more. Be sure to expect promotions of gastro and tourist products, musical and literature nights, and various creative workshops and educative tours, as well as fun and picnics out in the open. The idea is to simultanously push forward the creative potential of the ‘Martićeva zone’ so that the neighbourhood is recognized as one of the focus points of the city, acting as the most lively center of creative activity.

The program of the festival is realized with the support of the institutions of the city of Zagreb, corporate sponsors, local partners, and the protagonists of the cultural and entrepreneurial activities in the neighbourhood. Each local partner enters the program with their own ideas and projects through an open call for collaboration or specific competitions. Some of the unused spaces in the neighbourhood become exhibitional and workshop points during the festival, while many chosen open-air and street spaces are, of course, available for use.