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Garderoba Concept Store

With the opening of Ana Ivančić’s Garderoba, Zagreb got its first conceptual showroom for Scandinavian fashion. Garderoba is a carefully thought-out project, a room whose elements have all been designed by brilliant Croatian designers and architects, thus also adding a Croatian brand to the offer. READ MORE


The word Maldoror can have many meanings – the protagonist of Comte de Lautreamont’s poem, the non-place of the “live” records by bands Nurse With Wound and Current 93, but also, the shop in Lopašićeva street whose goods satisfy the needs of rockers, metalheads, goths, and other similar urban tribes. READ MORE

Vivat Fina vina

Vivat fine wine shop is an obligatory place to visit in the neighbourhood for all those who appreciate wine. Life is indeed too short to drink bad wines, as Vivat’s slogan goes. READ MORE


Antique store with a charming image of typical old shop gathers a wide spectrum of products and an­tiques. READ MORE

Juice Box

Juice Box combines a smoothie and juice bar and an open pantry. This means that visitors can choose what ingredients they want in their smoothie on the spot. READ MORE


In the past few years, the unpretentiously named boutique Iggy has become one of the most popular Zagreb fashion stores, for which the credit goes to its founder and owner Igrajna Vargek. READ MORE


For more than fifteen years, Fobia has been present on the Croatian market offering an exceptionally high quality range of garden furniture, designer chairs for interiors, umbrellas and lighting, offering products of modern aesthetics. READ MORE

Bella Forma

The assortment of the renowned Bella Forma shop offers its customers all essentials for pleasant and functional cooking, as well as for other joys of domestic and family environment. READ MORE


ERA is a domestic company whose program and values are based on manufacturing furniture according to environmental standards and the use of natural materials.  READ MORE

Sol i papar

Sol i Papar is a company specialized in sale and distribution of well-designed cooking utensils and dishes, mostly by renowned global manufacturers. READ MORE

La Marco flower shop

La Marco flower arrangement shop specializes in the design and production of flower decorations, wreaths and arrangements for all imaginable occasions. READ MORE

A Shoo

The original shoemaker’s trade in the very heart of the city, Anita shoe salon, i.e. A Shoo studio, has been doing business since 1991, and it is primarily dedicated to manufacturing unique women’s shoes and boots for different occasions. READ MORE

Studio Haramina

The Haramina showroom has been located in the neighbourhood for seven years, in Vojnovićeva Street, and represents a true oasis of the very best foreign design. READ MORE

Prostoria Showroom

In its Zagreb showroom in Bauerova Street, Prostoria offers the majority of its products in a pleasant atmosphere created by a recognizable design. READ MORE