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Slatka priča

The Slatka Priča pastry shop was started in 2013, and is currently in three places – Kranjčevićeva Street, Ivana Brlić Mažuranić Street in Zagreb’s Malešnica neighborhood, and, of course, Martićeva Street (since 2016), more precisely at the busy corner of Martićeva and Smičiklasova. READ MORE

Mr. Fogg

Mr. Fogg is the name of the protagonist of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, but also of an imaginative bar in Martićeva Street, whose interior is inspired by the steampunk science fantasy genre, and the drinks it serves hail from all around the globe. READ MORE


A new restaurant run by the renowned participants of Zagreb’s gastronomic scene emerged at the famous corner of Popa Dukljanina Street and Lopašićeva Street — Noel, a place that provides an unconventional catering experience to the citizens. READ MORE

Culture Factory

Tvornica kulture (Culture Factory) is one of the oldest and largest concert and club venues in Zagreb dedicated to rock and pop music. It hosted, more or less, all known acts of the domestic and regional music scene, with appearances by a series of foreign performers. READ MORE

Juice Box

Juice Box combines a smoothie and juice bar and an open pantry. This means that visitors can choose what ingredients they want in their smoothie on the spot. READ MORE

Vintesa wine shop

Vintesa is a Zagreb based company selling, promoting and distributing regional wines from the cellars of quality Croatian winemakers. The conception of Vinesa’s business is based on the idea that wine cannot be the subject of regular trade. READ MORE

Karijola Vlaška

One of the best known, and judging by many, also the best pizza parlour in Zagreb, Karijola, occupies two locations in the Croatian capital ― at the intersection of Badalićeva and Kranjčevićeva streets in Trešnjevka neighbourhood, and on the very edge of the Design District, in the ever more popular doorway of 63 Vlaška street. READ MORE

Mali bar

Mali bar, a culinary hit founded under the gastronomic lead of Ana Ugarković, is one of the most popular places to eat in Zagreb since its opening in 2012, both among citizens and tourists. READ MORE


Discover the place where you will forget everyday life for a moment and wander off relaxed with a cup of ORO – premium Italian coffee, left intoxicated by its smell and taste while contemplatively experiencing reality. READ MORE

Cantina Cucina Fina

Only a few months after its opening, the small, but very peculiar Cantina Cucina Fina quickly became the first association for Italian cuisine in Zagreb, thanks to its respect for gastronomic tradition, its seasonal offer, fresh ingredients, home-made pasta, sauces and bread. READ MORE

MOJO bar

MOJO Bar has easily become one of the favourite meeting places in Martićeva. It is located at the very beginning of the street, welcoming all passers-by. READ MORE

Noel bar

The Noel bar leaves such a striking impression that almost no one can even remember the establishment that was located here many years ago. With a well-thought-out offering of sweet treats and drinks, time passes somewhat slower here than elsewhere. READ MORE


The very existence of Booksa, a literary club that celebrated its ten-year anniversary in 2014, is one of those “minor” miracles crucial for the cultural life of Zagreb. READ MORE