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Here you can find information about all the creative points in the neighbourhood, whether they have to do with design, architecture, art or hospitality services.



Superstudio is a multidisciplinary design firm based in Zagreb, evolved from a free-lance design collective that was established under the same name by designer Ira Payer back in 2011.

Design Centre Zagreb

Design Centre Zagreb (dcz) is young, non-profit association founded in early 2016 as a new inhabitant of Design District.


The very existence of Booksa, a literary club that celebrated its ten-year anniversary in 2014, is one of those “minor” miracles crucial for the cultural life of Zagreb.

Grupa Studio & Showroom

As they say in Grupa: “Even when you fight with darkness, do it distinctively and with style!”

Penezić & Rogina Architects

Penezić and Rogina like to call themselves general practitioners in architecture, pointing out the diversity of their projects.

Prostoria Showroom

In its Zagreb showroom in Bauerova Street, Prostoria offers the majority of its products in a pleasant atmosphere created by a recognizable design.

Atelier Ostrman

One of the more interesting locations in Lopašićeva Street is the art studio of the painter Tomislav Ostrman, Atelier Ostrman, where he exhibits and sells his own pieces and those of his colleagues and friends, alongside organizing small social events in this attractive workshop.

Noel bar

The Noel bar leaves such a striking impression that almost no one can even remember the establishment that was located here many years ago. With a well-thought-out offering of sweet treats and drinks, time passes somewhat slower here than elsewhere.

Miroslav Kraljević Gallery

The Miroslav Kraljević Gallery fosters artistic and intellectual practices that critically question the present, especially relations between politics and aesthetics.

Impact Hub

The Impact Hub in the ‘Little Vatican’ is the Zagreb branch office of the international network of coworking spaces, which in addition to affordable conditions for independent work or teamwork offers a series of programmes and services.

Oris House of Architecture

Oris, The House of Architecture has been designed as the main point of all activities in Zagreb related to architecture.

Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU)

The Home of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists in Zagreb, better known as the ‘Mosque’, is one of the central points of visual art in the city.

Vitić Skyscraper

Despite the relative deterioration, the ‘Vitić skyscraper’ is a highly desirable residential location.

Ibler or Wooden Skyscraper

The ‘Wooden Skyscraper’ stands out among other buildings in the neighbourhood with its vividness and vigour.

Wellisch House

Drago Ibler also designed another residential and building in the ‘Martićeva Zone’, the Wellisch House.

Little Vatican

Formerly owned by the Zagreb Archbishopry, today Little Vatican is a monumental cluster of residential apartments.

Old Military Hospital

In the last several years, the Old Military Hospital served as a venue for several significant cultural events.

Croatian National Bank

To this day, most citizens colloquially refer to this building simply as ‘Burza’ (‘stock exchange’).

Meštrović’s pavilion

Whether we call impressive building in the middle of Victims of Fascism Square a Mosque, Meštrović’s pavilion or Home of Visual Arts, it’s one of Zagreb’s most instantly recognizable architectural symbols.


Bagdad is a severely dilapidated industrial building of uncertain origin, ownership, and purpose, half-built and never finished, located in the large inner courtyard of Vlaška 79-81 A, on three floors with the impressive total area of 4200 m2.

Bishop’s Garden House

A small but interesting old house that decorates the panorama of the upper part of Vlaška street is a valuable example of classicist architecture which is extremely important for Zagreb.

Rosinger House

Currently under restoration and reconstruction, the Rosinger House is considered one of the classic works of modern Croatian architecture in the ‘Martićeva zone’. 

Owl Atelier & Gallery

Lidia and Zoran Boševski’s working, exhibition and sales place is one of the most beautiful Zagreb’s secrets.

Matrica arhitektura

Matrica arhitektura is a multifunctional architectural design office with ten years of experience. The architectural team regularly collaborates with a number of experts in various fields, which contributes to the quality and variety of identities of their projects.

Kuna zlatica

Ana Kunej and Zlatka Salopek under the name of kuna zlatica have been designing since 2006. During their ten years of work together, their attractive and illustrative solutions have made their studion one of the most original on the local scene. 

2A / Dva arhitekta

Architectural firm 2A consists of founders Tomislav Ćurković and Zoran Zidarić, renowned middle generation local architects, together with twelve professional associate team.

MOJO bar

MOJO Bar has easily become one of the favourite meeting places in Martićeva. It is located at the very beginning of the street, welcoming all passers-by.

Kinoklub Zagreb

Kinoklub Zagreb was founded back in 1928 as an association and it is one of the oldest amateur cinema clubs of SE Europe.

3,14 Gallery

The 3,14 Gallery is oriented towards contemporary conceptual art, which makes it one of the most distinctive galleries in the city and a must-see spot.

A Shoo

The original shoemaker’s trade in the very heart of the city, Anita shoe salon, i.e. A Shoo studio, has been doing business since 1991, and it is primarily dedicated to manufacturing unique women’s shoes and boots for different occasions.

Design Apartments Svimi

The Design Apartments Svimi stand out as all of its upholstered furniture is made by domestic manufacturers.

La Marco flower shop

La Marco flower arrangement shop specializes in the design and production of flower decorations, wreaths and arrangements for all imaginable occasions.

Sol i papar

Sol i Papar is a company specialized in sale and distribution of well-designed cooking utensils and dishes, mostly by renowned global manufacturers.

Studio Haramina

The Haramina showroom has been located in the neighbourhood for seven years, in Vojnovićeva Street, and represents a true oasis of the very best foreign design.

Edward Bernays School

Edward Bernays College for Communication Management is the first institution of higher education in this part of Europe which offers students a complete education in communication management and public relations. 


ERA is a domestic company whose program and values are based on manufacturing furniture according to environmental standards and the use of natural materials.

The news about the new place in the neighbourhood spread fast among the locals, and a visit to antiquarian bookshop has become an unavoidable ritual for many.

Cantina Cucina Fina

Only a few months after its opening, the small, but very peculiar Cantina Cucina Fina quickly became the first association for Italian cuisine in Zagreb, thanks to its respect for gastronomic tradition, its seasonal offer, fresh ingredients, home-made pasta, sauces and bread.

Shadow Casters

At the end of Martićeva street, right near the intersection with Držićeva, we find the inspirational office of ‘The Shadow Casters’, one of the most interesting artistic associations that came to be in Zagreb in the past fifteen years or so.

The bishop’s estate

The former bishop’s estate at the intersection of Vlaška and Vončinina streets was the seat of Maksimilijan Vrhovac’s earthly treasure. Vrhovac is responsible for the expansion and planning of the city of Zagreb at the end of the 18th century.

Croatian Agricultural Bank building

At the corner of Smičiklasova street, Martićeva street and the tiny Patačićkina street stands an impressive building that encloses the internal residential block. It was built in 1926/27 according to the architect Dionis Sunk’s design. 

Badel-Gorica Block

The complex of former Badel and Gorica factories, located at the intersection of Martićeva and Šubićeva streets, across today’s Kvatrić market, is one of the neuralgic spots of the eastern part of the central city area.

St. Peters Church

The unassuming church with attractive exterior, dedicated to St. Peter, symbolically divides Vlaška street in half.

Croatian Medical Home

The representative modernist building of the Croatian Medical Home, seat of the Croatian Medical Association, a public association of Croatian physicians, medical professionals and dentists, opened in 1937.

The Interior of Znanje Bookshop

The central part of King Zvonimir street, at the peripheral part of the neighbourhood, on the ground floor of the 1939 Gospodarska Sloga (Economic Agreement) building, housed the Znanje bookshop with its sophisticated modernist interior for years.

Slavic Bank Building

The monumental bank palace situated at one of the busiest intersections in the narrow city centre is a representative work by the architect Hugo Ehrlich.


Discover the place where you will forget everyday life for a moment and wander off relaxed with a cup of ORO – premium Italian coffee, left intoxicated by its smell and taste while contemplatively experiencing reality.

Bella Forma

The assortment of the renowned Bella Forma shop offers its customers all essentials for pleasant and functional cooking, as well as for other joys of domestic and family environment.


For more than fifteen years, Fobia has been present on the Croatian market offering an exceptionally high quality range of garden furniture, designer chairs for interiors, umbrellas and lighting, offering products of modern aesthetics.

Canvas Gallery

The modest Canvas Gallery in the peaceful street full of various different content, Tomašićeva, is the perfect address for those who wish to buy exquisite art pieces by domestic authors, mainly contemporary and classical painters.

MVA Architects

The MVA Bureau (mikelić vreš arhitects) by architects of the younger generation, Marin Mikelić i Tomislav Vreš, was founded in 2007 in Zagreb, after their professional experiences gained at a number of studios in Zagreb (M.)

Mali bar

Mali bar, a culinary hit founded under the gastronomic lead of Ana Ugarković, is one of the most popular places to eat in Zagreb since its opening in 2012, both among citizens and tourists.

Design Hostel 63

Located just a five minute walk away from the city’s main square, the new Design Hostel 63 offers its guest an exquisitely comfortable stay and pleasant atmosphere of carefully designed interior.

Hostel Casablanca

Hostel Casablanca is one of the newer hostels that have sprouted up in Vlaška Street in recent years, located in the beautiful courtyard which will mesmerize you at first sight.

Karijola Vlaška

One of the best known, and judging by many, also the best pizza parlour in Zagreb, Karijola, occupies two locations in the Croatian capital ― at the intersection of Badalićeva and Kranjčevićeva streets in Trešnjevka neighbourhood, and on the very edge of the Design District, in the ever more popular doorway of 63 Vlaška street.


In the past few years, the unpretentiously named boutique Iggy has become one of the most popular Zagreb fashion stores, for which the credit goes to its founder and owner Igrajna Vargek.


The RRiF College of Financial Management is located on three floors of the ‘Little Vatican’ since 2006. As one of the members of the RRiF group, it’s focused on the education of economists in the field of management and consulting of businesses and nonprofit subjects.

Vintesa wine shop

Vintesa is a Zagreb based company selling, promoting and distributing regional wines from the cellars of quality Croatian winemakers. The conception of Vinesa’s business is based on the idea that wine cannot be the subject of regular trade.

Juice Box

Juice Box combines a smoothie and juice bar and an open pantry. This means that visitors can choose what ingredients they want in their smoothie on the spot.

Culture Factory

Tvornica kulture (Culture Factory) is one of the oldest and largest concert and club venues in Zagreb dedicated to rock and pop music. It hosted, more or less, all known acts of the domestic and regional music scene, with appearances by a series of foreign performers.


Antique store with a charming image of typical old shop gathers a wide spectrum of products and an­tiques.

Vivat Fina vina

Vivat fine wine shop is an obligatory place to visit in the neighbourhood for all those who appreciate wine. Life is indeed too short to drink bad wines, as Vivat’s slogan goes.


The BIRO Architects’ Collective represents the joint activity of young architects Saša Košuta, Mario Kralj, and Dora Lončarić. Having grouped up together during college, at first they worked on realising scenography in collaboration with the Academy of Dramatic Art and the Zagreb Dance Centre.

Mr. Fogg

Mr. Fogg is the name of the protagonist of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, but also of an imaginative bar in Martićeva Street, whose interior is inspired by the steampunk science fantasy genre, and the drinks it serves hail from all around the globe.


A new restaurant run by the renowned participants of Zagreb’s gastronomic scene emerged at the famous corner of Popa Dukljanina Street and Lopašićeva Street — Noel, a place that provides an unconventional catering experience to the citizens.


The word Maldoror can have many meanings – the protagonist of Comte de Lautreamont’s poem, the non-place of the “live” records by bands Nurse With Wound and Current 93, but also, the shop in Lopašićeva street whose goods satisfy the needs of rockers, metalheads, goths, and other similar urban tribes.

Deseto selo

The design studio with the unconventional name Deseto Selo (Tenth village) was founded in 2012 by Bojana Bota, Ana Ćurković Zelić and Sanja Dvornik. They settled in Zagreb’s Design District in 2015, and since then have been taking part in its good creative vibrations.

Pogon Mislavova

Pogon Mislavova is one of the two locations of Pogon – Zagreb’s independent culture and youth center (the other is located in the Trnje neighborhood near the river Sava, in the larger half of the former Jedinstvo factory – the smaller half is occupied by club Močvara).

Medveščak Library

The Medveščak Library, our neighborhood’s branch of Zagreb City Libraries, encompasses three departments – adult, children’s and youth (also known as “Idi pa Vidi”, or “Come and See”). Besides normal library duties, the library also engages in setting up various exhibitions in its windows, and workshops in the rooms of the youth and children’s departments.   The adult department offers its services to adults, high-schoolers and retirees, especially those in the Lower Town area.


Mikrofon is a music school started in 2009, located in the charming inner courtyard of 19 Martićeva Street. Its predecessor was the Vocal Studio Maraton vocal workshop from Rijeka, and the school has since then grown from offering single singing lessons to group singing and lessons for children, as well as instrumental music lessons.

Slatka priča

The Slatka Priča pastry shop was started in 2013, and is currently in three places – Kranjčevićeva Street, Ivana Brlić Mažuranić Street in Zagreb’s Malešnica neighborhood, and, of course, Martićeva Street (since 2016), more precisely at the busy corner of Martićeva and Smičiklasova.

Garderoba Concept Store

With the opening of Ana Ivančić’s Garderoba, Zagreb got its first conceptual showroom for Scandinavian fashion. Garderoba is a carefully thought-out project, a room whose elements have all been designed by brilliant Croatian designers and architects, thus also adding a Croatian brand to the offer.

Kreativni centar Ledana

Unutrašnjost bloka u Bauerovoj 19 jedan je od primjera dugogodišnjeg nastojanja za očuvanjem bivšeg industrijskog kompleksa tvornice leda kao prostora od javnog značaja, a protiv pokušaja njegove privatizacije.

Home of Printers’ Trade Union

The printmakers’ and publishers’ union is, with its 147 years of constant activity, the oldest union in Croatia and beyond, established as the Croatian Typographic Society.


PULS*AR was established in December 2013, as a new initiative by principal architects with a collective wealth of experience built through their individual careers, each stretching back almost twenty years. Together, they encompass a wide range of varied concepts, designs, and built developments, winning them international recognition and a host of prestigious awards.

Program bar

The bar Program is located on the site of a former charming Divas bistro. Saša Žerajić, the ever-present and loved face of the bistro, who worked there since the opening, decided to create his own concept in the same place. 

Atelier Ane Barbić Katičić

Ana Barbić Katičić has been exhibiting independently and collectively in Croatia and abroad (France, Belgium, Israel) for 15 years (since graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb). So far she has exhibited 20 times independently, and is a member of Croatian Association of Artists and Croatian Freelance Artists Association.