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Slavic Bank Building


The Interior of Znanje Bookshop

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The central part of King Zvonimir street, at the peripheral part of the neighbourhood, on the ground floor of the 1939 Gospodarska Sloga (Economic Agreement) building, housed the Znanje bookshop with its sophisticated modernist interior for years.

Today it is home to the children’s section of the nearby Medvešćak library, but the original interior has been preserved. The building itself was constructed according to the architect M. Kauzlarić‘s design, while the ground space was divided and redecorated in 1957 for the purposes of the bookshop and publishing company ‘Seljačka Sloga’, according to Z. Marohnić‘s design.

The space is covered with mosaic terazzo flooring and wavy false ceiling, while the bookshop is equipped with minimalist wooden counters and bookshelves. A part of the northeastern wall is occupied by The History of Paper and Print fresco by the academy-trained painter Mladen Veža. Since the bookshop has been carefully preserved, today’s generations have a unique insight into the wholesome, authentic and valuable interior, characteristic of the architecture and design of the 1950s.



Program bar

The bar Program is located on the site of a former charming Divas bistro. Saša Žerajić, the ever-present and loved face of the bistro, who worked there since the opening, decided to create his own concept in the same place. 


PULS*AR was established in December 2013, as a new initiative by principal architects with a collective wealth of experience built through their individual careers, each stretching back almost twenty years. Together, they encompass a wide range of varied concepts, designs, and built developments, winning them international recognition and a host of prestigious awards.

Atelier Ane Barbić Katičić

Ana Barbić Katičić has been exhibiting independently and collectively in Croatia and abroad (France, Belgium, Israel) for 15 years (since graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb). So far she has exhibited 20 times independently, and is a member of Croatian Association of Artists and Croatian Freelance Artists Association.

Home of Printers’ Trade Union

The printmakers’ and publishers’ union is, with its 147 years of constant activity, the oldest union in Croatia and beyond, established as the Croatian Typographic Society.

Kreativni centar Ledana

Unutrašnjost bloka u Bauerovoj 19 jedan je od primjera dugogodišnjeg nastojanja za očuvanjem bivšeg industrijskog kompleksa tvornice leda kao prostora od javnog značaja, a protiv pokušaja njegove privatizacije.