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The Space Must Be Clean!


17/06/2018, 20:00 - 20:20

Location: Stara vojna bolnica, Vlaška 87

Author/performer: Irena Boćkai

The last year’s programme of "Anti-Gentrification Staff" is an attempt to map and add value to those stakeholders in the district who do not fit in the category of creative industries and whose activities have a direct impact on the quality of life and diversified non-commercial content in the neighborhood. They are divided into several domains: cultural, residential and municipal and health care, and each of them got the visibility in the form of a round table. The accompanying interdisciplinary workshop produced a range of docufictional narratives about the district as the space where people live whose everyday diversity and complexity necessarily escapes from reductivity (intentional or incidental) of branding. The last year’s process confirmed a few (un)related presumptions – interdisciplinary, methodologically hybrid team work is a powerful tool to produce knowledge about urban transformations of a city that lacks strategically developed guidelines for social and spatial development. Discursive formats such as round tables are simple, logical and necessary mean of mediation in the district. Senior citizens matter and they are somehow invisible yet their everyday lives are filed with activities that can be potentially interesting to the broader public. This year’s programme is an organic continuation of the processes initiated during the 2017 Festival: the workshop evolved into an exhibition, round tables became panel discussions and a special part of the programme has been developed only for the district’s seniors. In the passage through the block between Draškovićeva Street and Ibler’s Square, close to coffee shops and the new hostel, there is the main entrance to the Medveščak Nursing Home. The Nursing Home is the centre of senior activities for its inhabitants but also temporary users from the neighborhood and further. As a part of the city’s public and social infrastructure, the Nursing Home provides space for activities of a number of organizations dealing with the improvement of senior citizens’ quality of life. Some of the programmes hosted during the Festival will move to the passage and the transition point will turn into the place for a concert and sports event.