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RoUm – Ružno datče


"Ružno datče" radionica:
15/06/2018, 10:00 - 16:00
"Ružno datče" radionica:
16/06/2018, 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Ratkajev prolaz/Stara vojna bolnica, Vlaška 87

Program partner: RoUm

RoUm is a social enterprise gathering members of the Roma community sharing the mission to preserve or convert waste into newly formed objects for use in home. In collaboration with professional designers and artists, they have been working on objects by introducing Romani tradition and traditional crafts into the process, and by using the online space, they talk about their creation and organize sales to maintain the idea and further development of the project. Through a public call and the campaign named “Ružno datče” that will take place prior to the Festival, old and unattractive household objects are being collected, and six of them will be selected for the workshop. /14 June, DDZ market/ During the first day of the Festival, the coordinator of RoUm workshops, dr. Jagoda Novak, will hold a brief lecture followed by a discussion on inclusive design and its potential to inspire social change as well as the establishment and various experiences of RouMa as an organization focusing on design that involves all social groups. /15-16 June, The Old Military Hospital / The selected objects will be transformed during the workshop and visitors will have the opportunity to observe the transformation of waste into something beautiful and useful or even join the entire process. /17 June, DDZ Market/ Re-design of the objects will be finished at the DDZ market, followed by an auction of newly designed objects.

Special notes: Foto Vlasta Puhovski