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14/06/2018, 20:30 - 22:00

Location: Park fra Grge Martića

Oganizer: Booksa
Music: Mayales & U pol' 9 kod Sabe & surprise guest

Škrabica (Piggy Bank) is a musical programme taking place at the Booksa Club for the eight consecutive year. It was created and established by a friend of Booksa, journalist, music critic and musician, performer, radio and theatre artist Ante Perković (1973 - 2017). Ante’s idea was to use these kinds of gatherings to play only authors’ music, and his aim was to support the independent singer-songwriter scene. The entire programme is free of charge. Instead, donations are collected in the piggy bank and the donated money will be given to the musicians or organizations or individuals selected by the musicians.

Special notes: Fotogrfija: Marija Gašparović