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16/06/2018, 18:00 - 19:00

Location: Stara vojna bolnica, Vlaška 87

Program partners: Inicijativa Spasimo potok Črnomerec
Presenters: Danijela Kokelj i Mirela Ježina

LET'S SAVE ČRNOMEREC CREEK is an initiative organized by citizens, 1postozagrad platform and Zelena akcija. The objective of the initiative is to preserve flora and fauna of Črnomerec Creek and to construct a boardwalk along the creek, from Medvednica to the Sava River. Master Plan of the City of Zagreb foresees overarching of the creek and this implies destruction of the only creek in Zagreb that remained inarched, i.e. Črnomerec Creek. Citizens are now struggling to amend the Master Plan to preserve Črnomerec Creek open at all open sections, from Medvednica to the Sava River. They are also demanding preservation of the existing green corridor as an exceptional and important part of Zagreb’s green infrastructure as well as construction of a public boardwalk along the creek. Activists Danijela Kokelj and Mirela Ježina will present the initiative.